Revanche, A film of Second Chances more than Revenge

Revanche 4

In preparation for my first Criterion Blogathon and to get my feet wet, I will attempt to do short reviews and share my thoughts on primarily Criterion films I have watched recently.

Revanche is a stunning Oscar Nominated Film for Best Foreign Language Film (Austria) in 2009. A taut slow burning neo-noir thriller written and directed by Götz Spielmann in 2008. This centers around a couple Alex, an ex-convict  who works as a bouncer in Vienna for Konecny, owner of the brothel “Cinderella”, where his girlfriend Tamara, a Ukrainian  prostitute, also works. Hardened by the urban jungle they worked in, they made a plan to  leave Vienna as soon as possible to begin a new life together. While visiting his grandfather Hausner, who lives in a rural country, Alex felt that this may be the place he may consider going after they escape and ultimately decided to rob a local bank to give them a jump-start in life. The couples plans ultimately intersect with another couple who are neighbors with Hausner.  Susanne, a grocery clerk who lives nearby and visits the aging Hausner regularly and  Robert, a rural policeman.

Spielman perfectly paints a portrait of vengeance and redemption and blends it with the great cinematography of the busy urban scene and the serene rural landscape.

How their lives intertwine is what you would like to discover in this amazing and mesmerizing film of  ” Second chances more than Revenge! “

Revanche 1

Revanche 3

Revanche 2


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