The #CriterionBlogathon is Imminent

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Very glad to be part of this week long celebration! Real exciting times for criterion and film fans in general to enjoy reading these articles and discover or re-discover these gems.

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It is hard to believe how much time has passed since we announced The Criterion Blogathon. I know that quite a few are typing with fury as they finalize their submissions, and there have been a few early entries (thank you!).

This is going to be a huge event. How huge? Just take a look at the full schedule posted at Speakeasy. She will kick it off on Friday with a summary of the day’s posts, and I’ll follow on Tuesday, and then Ruth, and so on. Please note that we will be reblogging each other’s posts, so subscribers will get an email every day of the week.

There will also be a lot of activity on social media. If you tweet, Facebook, or whatever, please use the hashtag #CriterionBlogathon. Maybe we can even get it trending.

Whether you are participating or just reading, please do us a…

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