GC Pride

This blog was created for all film lovers to browse and share content of my own experiences and views regarding cinema mainly from the Criterion Collection. The technical aspects of these films  ie audio-visual presentation, supplements can be found individually in the Criterion Collection website.  As an aspiring Criterion Completionist, I have only watched most of these movies for the first time so please join me in my journey to experience life one film at a time. Pioneer Pride was born in honor of my son’s alma mater Grinnell College in Iowa where he pursued a degree in Psychology with Neuroscience concentration and also lettered for the Grinnell College Pioneers Baseball team.

Gates Tower 3

Historic Gates Tower @ Grinnell College.


Pioneer  Diamond Honor G

Grinnell Hit

Pioneer Baseball during Spring Training in Orlando, Florida.


Pioneer Park @ Grinnell, Iowa


My Pride and Joy: My Wife Gie Gie and My Son Ryan.


And my adopted son, Max!


Ryan playing the outfield.


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